The most comfortable horse…

Bred for his smooth gait, his beauty and his wonderful temperament, this is the ideal pleasure horse.


The height of the Rocky Mountain Horse will be no less than 58 inches (1.45 m or 14.2 hands) and no more than 64 inches (1.63 m or 16 hands). He should have a medium comformation ,must have a solid body colour, except white, with a nice proportion. The horse should have bold eyes, well shaped ears, graceful neck and head. The horse must have a solid body colour. White markings are acceptable, if not excessive. The famous colour is chocolate, dark chocolate as Alajanon, or with a white mane and tail as Avalanche.

The gait  (see the video)

the gait is a very comfortable and  you seem gliding on the ground. The horse moves out with a lateral gait in which one can count four distinct hoof-beats that produce a cadence of near equal rhythm. They are also sure-footed. Their natural gait requires a minimum of effort by both horse and rider. That’s why this breed is now emerging as a mount for trail, endurance, and as a pleasure horse. This is a natural gait, which occurs from birth and does not require any special devices.

Natural gait...does not require any special training devices  


This is a companion horse. We say that they‘re like puppys. Very friendly, kind, calm and always at your service, they are very easy-going horses. These horses are also hardy and brave, The Rocky is originally from a small Kentucky farm where he worked hard, and was harnessed on Sunday, or ridden for long days working around cattle. Old Tobe (the first Rocky) did everything in Tuttle’s farm. They also like rigorous weather.

Lovely horse, once you try one of them, you will keep him in your heart, and maybe in your stable.


NB : we sometimes call them ponies, but they are horses.

Other Mountain Horses:

The other Mountain horses have certain similarities, gait, character and comformation.

the Mountain Pleasure horses: the book has been closed for a long time, there are only four MPH  in Europe. 
the Kentucky Mountain horses: the registration was open  not  along time ago, so you can find some KMH without any american origines (all of our horses come from the States).
Since 2004, the book is half closed, and you have appendix  mares.