The rocky mountain horse book is closed, no cross breeding is allowed.
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Les Pres d'Allys is a professional breeding farm owned by Kadlecsovics Armin, horse instructor, and Assailly Julie genetician.
We select all our horses with great care to produce the best foals. Our mares come from Kentucky and are all issue from old  Rocky stock with an inborn gait. The choice of the colors offers many original possibilities; chocolate, blue, gruello, champagne and many others with our four stallions.  
We produce four to six foals by year and have a base in Kentucky where our friend Joan breeds with her two exellent stallions. The horses that interest us are imported when 3 years old.
All our horses live out all year in the mountains and become balanced and muscled. We manipulate them regulary, but they live their lives as naturally as possible.
Getting under saddle is allways done the soft way, with a trusty horse.
Each year we go to the USA to choose our horses and participate with the Rocky Association in the promotion of the horse in Europe.

Our farm "les pres d'Allys" is situated in the regional parc "Livradois Forez" at  the altitude of  900 meters.
With a fantastic view on the  peaks of the "puy de Dôme" and the "puy de Sancy", a few kilometers from "Pierre sur Haute" the second highest site of the "massif central", the mountain landscape, with its fauna and flora offers to the visitors an incredible escapade between valleys, forests, little rivers and small tracks borded with granit stones...
The difficult climate reminds the horses of there original mountains: the Appalaches. 
We offer to the visitor the possibility to discover not only the gait of the horses, but a most beautifull country, still preserved and authentic.

(33) 4 73 72 59 04
We are in the "Monts du Forez" near Ambert, our address: "la Ramie" 63480 Marat